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Do You Know How To Be The CEO Your Business Needs To Reach Maximum Success?

When you started your business, you became a CEO—by default.

But there’s a difference between a Default CEO and an Empowered CEO.

Unless you have an MBA, you’re probably feeling scattered and frustrated by everything there is to know about running your business. And the “business of business” isn’t exactly what got you into this work in the first place. 

You started your business because you wanted to positively impact the world while creating freedom for yourself. 

You’re no stranger to success. You’ve got passion and drive, and maybe you’ve hit six figures and beyond. But the momentum you had when you first started has just… evaporated.

You’re not to blame. The dip in momentum comes from not fully understanding the role of CEO. Without a strong CEO, a business is like a rudderless ship on stormy seas. 

Our mission is to take you from Default CEO to Empowered CEO.

An Empowered CEO knows how to assess her business. She uses the information she has to make growth-driven decisions without adding more work to her plate.

You’ve spent your life gaining the wisdom and experience to prepare you for this. You know this is what you want.  

You want to help people. You want to be profitable. But not while sacrificing your freedom. 

And lately? You’re spending too much time doing what you *hope* will make a difference without seeing any meaningful change. Trying to think your way to success is draining your energy, dimming your passion, and taking the fun out of everything.

And now you’re starting to wonder if having it all is actually possible.

I want it all.

Encore Empire
Encore Empire was built by women like you for women like you—online business owners in the 40+ crowd ready to leverage their expertise by confidently stepping into the role of Chief Executive Officer of their business so they can chart a course to sustainable growth and profitability.

You deserve to have it all - to actualize the best, most impactful version of your business and your life.

Here’s the good news: There IS a world where you can have it all. Where all the puzzle pieces come together, and your business runs like clockwork. 

We’re talking consistent (and climbing!) revenue.  A steady stream of new clients. And the freedom to enjoy your life more than ever before. And best of all: The confidence that comes with knowing you’ve got this—You’re on the right path—And your work is making a difference in the world.

You’ve been running the show for a long time. Your courage and intelligence have gotten you so very, very far. And you’ve got a lot of expertise and knowledge to share with the world. 

But here’s the thing: You can’t be an expert at everything that running an online business demands. You need expert guidance.

That’s where we come in. 

We believe empowered women empower women.


Take the steps to build your empire

Join our community
 of vibrant business

… so you can find support, get feedback, and tap into endless inspiration.

You know what they say. If you want to go fast—go alone. If you want to go far—go together. And we all know building a business doesn’t happen overnight.

Find your community of forward-thinking, unstoppable women through our group, the Empire of Unstoppable Women. 

Get the strategy
you've been

… so the path forward becomes clear and—most importantly—actionable.

Strategy is what most businesses are missing. We help you understand your business in a whole new way - a way that allows you to take control and keep control. 

Join our free Marketing Methodology Workshop to develop your marketing framework and get a feel for how we work.


… so you overcome mindset hurdles and achieve your biggest, most ambitious goals.

Your business, challenges, and market are unique. Expert insight, coaching, and strategy sessions take you from “I'm looking for a Hail Mary” to “I’ve never been more certain about anything in my life.”

That certainty comes from newfound confidence, income, and strategy that help you knock it out of the park every time. 

Here's What Clients are Saying

Meet Your Guides

Deirdre harter & Carmen Reed-Gilkison

With over 45 years of combined corporate experience, founders of Encore Empire, Carmen Reed-Gilkison and Deirdre Harter, work with women who are ready to own the power they’ve spent decades building by guiding them through the process of mastering their big ideas, wrangling their doubts, and managing their money with smart, actionable strategy.

We're a duo of a CPA and a Certified Online Business Manager & Whole Person Coach, each with our own entrepreneurial background, who have teamed up to help other women cash in on their life experience.

We  believe that owning a business is the most empowering thing a woman can do.

We are committed to honoring the perspective and insight women over forty bring to the table because real magic happens when we devote our time and energy not to taking care of everyone else—but to finally realize our own goals and ambitions.

Now is the time to take the best lessons you’ve learned from life so far and distill them into a successful business that you have total control over.

We’ve walked this path before.

We’ve each run into our own struggles.

And together, we’re passionately supporting our clients as they navigate the entrepreneurial road before them on the path to their own thriving empires.

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