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Veronica Drake is the clarity coach. She is also the creator of The One Word Method, an intuitive process that gets to the root of what keeps women stuck! Her mission is to help women business owners develop their intuition so that they can operate their businesses from a place of unshakeable self-trust.

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[01:09] Carmen Reed-Gilkison: We're super excited. We have Veronica Drake here. Veronica is the Clarity Coach. She is also the creator of the One-word method, and we're going to find out more about that today. It's an intuitive process that gets to the root of what keeps women stuck, and we love anything that does that, right? 

Veronica's mission is to help women business owners develop their intuition so that they can operate their businesses from a place of unshakable self-trust. And I absolutely love that term, unshakable self-trust, because we all want that. As a sought-after keynote and motivational speaker and frequent radio podcast guest, her down-to-earth relatable approach attracts people of all ages and places. She's been called a life changer, guardian angel, and cheerleader all rolled into one. So, welcome, Veronica. We're delighted to have you here.

[01:59] Veronica Drake: Wow. I forgot my pom pom. I am so excited to be here. I tell you. I met the two of you individually, and I think you both just have such a great vibe, and I'm just honored to be part of anything that you're doing. So thank you for asking me and for any consideration going forward.

[02:23] Deirdre Harter: Well, we so appreciate you being here, and I know that this is going to be a fabulous conversation. So, Veronica, just take it.

[02:33] Veronica Drake: So, okay, so where do I begin? I'm going to put my glasses on. So I made a couple of little notes. I don't read the notes, but I do use little bullet points because sometimes I have always been somebody that has been fascinated with words. I understood early on what it meant to be inspired by words. I was a collector of quotes, and if I'm to make this more understandable, going back specifically to 1962, yes, I'm that model. I'm a 1962 model and I'm vintage, and I grew up at the intersection of mental illness and alcoholism. 

So words to me, have two sides, right there's the positive, the quotes, the saving, the words inspiring me. And then there's the other side tearing you down, telling you you're not smart enough, that you're not pretty enough, you'll never be this, you're not going to do that. I had to find a balance very early on and age-appropriate, I would be drawn to beautiful like, I always love flowers. I loved open space. I loved nature. And I would hear words like, just nothing like out there, but just like, oh, sunshine. And then I would hear raindrops. And I would sit in the yard as a little girl at night right before the sun went down. And as the sun went down, I would smell the dew on the lawn, and I would hear how comforting it was to me. And that was a very special time for me. And I never realized that until I became an adult because there was so much that I was dealing with in childhood. But listening to the words that I would get from the smell, from the scent, I now know was the intuitive guidance that got me through life. And so that was a really profound realization for me at around age 40, I believe.

[04:43] Carmen Reed-Gilkison: Yeah, that's amazing. I actually grew up at that same intersection, and we never talked about that. So we have a lot to talk about because that's a tough road right there. Well, cool. And then you had that realization around age 40. So give us your story. How did you get to be the Clarity Coach? What got you to where you are today?

[05:07] Veronica Drake: Well, again, in 1962, born into that, got married very early on because I was running away. And so I thought I would solve it by letting someone else solve it because I was raised to believe that I wasn't smart enough to solve it myself. So you marry a man who can solve it. And fast forward, that didn't work out. And it was around age 40 that I realized that. 

Backing up to age 34, 35, I went to take my life. I had gotten to the point where I didn't want to live anymore. I was not a very nice person in the sense that I used people. I was manipulative. Because growing up in an alcoholic family, you learn certain behaviors as normal, right? And then you look at that and you're like, well, I've got to survive. And so throughout my life, everybody loved me, though. That was the thing because everybody always wanted to be with me. Oh, she's the life of the party. And, like, on the inside, I was so broken, and finally I couldn't do it anymore. I couldn't put that facade on. I couldn't go out. 

And I went to take my life, and I was going to crash my car into the side of a bridge abutment. And I literally felt my car fill up with all I can describe it as is an amazing, warm presence. And I heard again that word angels. And it spoke to me just in one word. We have you. You're okay. And I thought, what is going on here? Because I wasn't raised with any kind of religion or that Santa Claus was Christmas, chocolate, and Easter Bunny, you know, that's what I got. And so with that, I felt my pant leg be pulled off the accelerator, and I pulled over, and I was like, what in the hell was that? 

I just sat there and I sobbed. I didn't realize that I sat there for, like, an hour just sobbing, like everything washed out of me. And that began my spiritual awakening, I guess you would call it, or my lean towards spirituality, because prior to that, I really wasn't spiritual. Like I said, I wasn't a narcissist completely, although I could see how I could have turned into one. So that was the turning point, though, for me. November 1996. So here we are all those years later.

[07:50] Carmen Reed-Gilkison: Yeah, that is amazing. So then I know that when I talked to you and we were on a call, you were telling me how you used to be able to help people with their love interests. Tell us that little journey from there, because you don't do that anymore. But that is fascinating as well.

[08:10] Veronica Drake: So I just have always known things about people, and that's reading energy, right? You walk into a room and you get the vibe of the room, right? Well, that's the collective energy in the room. You meet somebody, I meet the waitress in the restaurant. I could tell her story, right? I've always been able to do that. And so I built—18 years ago, I built a business with a yellow legal pad, a kitchen table, and my pen, and I said, I've got to get out of this rat race. I was working. I had a very good job. I worked myself up to a very distinguished position, made great money, had all the perks you're supposed to have, and again, was miserable. 

And I just said, you know what? I'm going to take what I know, which is knowing things about people, and I'm somehow going to turn this into a business. And so, again, back to the words and the voice. I became a spiritual life coach. I went to the coaching academy on the bridge line back in the day because we didn't have Zoom. And I became a coach, and I learned how to develop my curiosity even more about other people. 

As I was coaching people, I would find myself getting impatient because humans have a tendency to dance around stuff, right? Like, sometimes we're not all that vulnerable, and we're kind of dancing around. I couldn't wait to cut to the chase. And so I would do these sessions. I would be like, Listen, stop because I really don't have a filter. I'm just warning you all, I don't have a filter. I'm nice, but I don't have a filter. 

And I would go and I would just be like, Blah, blah, blah. Here's your stuff. Now let's start reconstructing. Let's rewrite this story, because this narrative isn't fitting you anymore, and it's even in some cases, making you sick. There's a disease component to it. Dis-ease, right? And so I began to do what I called readings. 

I've always had an aversion to the word psychic. I get this image in my head of a carnival worker with her turbin and her crystal ball and this psychic neon sign on the front lawn. Listen, if that's your jam, I totally respect it. It's just not me, right? So I used intuitive—intuitive guide. And I got very fortunate because overnight success was eleven and a half years in the making. And I got discovered on a YouTube channel. A very popular YouTube channel called Channeling Eric And I became one of the featured mediums. 

And it was like a tornado came to town. It just stirred everything up. I never had to look for clients. Clients looked for me. And so my reputation built my business because accuracy, dependability, relatability, all of those things. And so now, about eight months ago, I decided that I would retire that—I wanted to go deeper. With all due respect, everybody needs help. And if you want questions about your love life and your soul and all of that, I get that. But I want to lead you to the deepest part of yourself. I want you to understand how powerful your story is, right? And I want you to understand you create your story with the words you tell yourself. And that's my jam right here in 2024. There ain't no stopping that.

[11:42] Carmen Reed-Gilkison: Yeah. That's awesome. And explain about the one-word method.

[11:48] Veronica Drake: Thank you. I was sipping my coffee one morning, as I do, and I call that my meditation or the zone, right? Because I get my coffee, I just kind of sit there. Your mind is the clearest first thing in the morning. And I heard, only one word stands between you and what's next? And of course, it's not that fluid. It comes in little fragments, right? And I have one word, okay? One word. And I had my pen, and I began to write. And there's a part of this where the consciousness, the rational consciousness, meets the subconscious. Because being in business over 18 years, I met a lot of thousands of people, right? Mostly women. And I heard, write these five words down, and I wrote love, security, status, recognition, and validation. 

I wrote the five words down and I sat there and I doodled. Because here's a little tip for you. Doodling will always quiet your mind and open up your intuitive receptors. So I sat there and I doodled. And I heard one of these five words. Look at them. Every woman gets tripped up by one of these five words. It's her sticking point. It's where she gets stuck in the mud. And underneath one of those words is her “I” statement. 

Not the psychological kind, because I am not a psychologist. I don't even play one. But the “I” statement. So, for instance, I'll give you an example my word is recognition. And my I statement, after I did the work, what I actually do for people, I did for myself. And I heard my I statement was “I matter”. And so woven through everything I do, I need to put it through the recognition I matter meter inside of me. Because what mattered 20 years ago, I might not feel matters to me now, I might feel more okay with this than not with that. And so waking up to your I statement and your word is a very powerful ignition to get you started.

[13:59] Carmen Reed-Gilkison: Yeah, I love that. I like the way that you recognize and it's kind of built in that what mattered before might not matter now. We're always constantly changing and growing. And maybe you can tell us. I don't want you to give away your secrets, but how does someone pick the one word? How do you determine which one word for the woman is the block?

[14:27] Veronica Drake: Well, that's where my spidey senses come in because inevitably we'll do a session and I will engage her in her feelings and her awareness, and I will give you this, my signature talk. When I go out and I talk to groups, I always tell them, there is one thing you need to know above and beyond everything else when you're going to work with your intuition. And that one thing is awareness. And so when we're doing the one-word method, I'm tuning into you so there's no skirting around what it is. 

Like, you might get a word and I might push back in a gentle way and you might go, oh, I didn't see that oh, yes. And then you will feel it in your physical being. The body won't lie to us, right? The mind constantly stays with what you know, stays with what you know, stays with what you know. And the body will have this adverse reaction to it. And typically we listen to the mind because there's a familiarity to it.

[15:38] Carmen Reed-Gilkison: Yeah. Fascinating. So for everybody, even though your I statement is I matter, and the example you gave was what mattered before, maybe doesn't matter now, and something else. But for each one of those words and whatever someone's I statement is, that's true, right? It's like the filter it is because things change.

[16:02] Veronica Drake: This is a whole process, right, that I work with clients through. Because when you get your word recognition, you have to go through what that means to you. And there's a whole big old conversation around that, right? And it's in feelings and it's intuition and it's excavation, right? It's deep exploration that happens. 

And part of why I'm not doing traditional readings anymore, I need to go deep. I really do. I don't care how your weather is. I mean, all right, maybe I do, but it's a nice day. My husband always says to me, can't you just go small talk? No, I'm not a small talker. I don't do that very well. But I take you on this deep journey. But it's fun, right? Because I'll tell you what, who doesn't love learning about themselves? You want proof of that? Around every corner is a quiz to tell you about yourself. And what do we do? We jump on them. Whether we're scrolling late at night or we get down a rabbit hole, if there's a quiz, we're on it, right? We love learning about ourselves. 

[17:18] Deirdre Harter: Veronica Drake, I remember when you and I were talking and we were talking about some of these things. And for me, I have always received the label at some point. And I took it on as a left-brained, analytical business person. And I've carried that through. And so for me, I've been learning over the last few years about this inner work that we need to do for ourselves because it only gets you so far—the business know-how. And we are the foundation of our business along with all the strategies we need. 

Like, we as individuals, as women, are the foundation. And when we can do that inner work. In fact, I was just talking to a client today and we were discussing this very thing. She says, I don't feel like I've gotten much done you know, working on my business. And I'm like, but you've been working on yourself. You've been overcoming your own mindset challenges, and that is working on your business. And that's why Carmen and I love this holistic approach and why we feel this is what you're talking about so important. Because we cannot compartmentalize. We are a whole person, and we need to be whole and have this intuition side along with the business analytical side to really be successful.

[18:39] Veronica Drake: Oh, absolutely. And I think that was the drawing point for me to you guys, because the holistic approach, when people say, oh, we're coming into a new era, a new way of being the feminine energy. Yeah, okay, that's true. It's feelings, right? It's marrying the feelings with the knowing. And here's the other thing. I never had a business background. 

Listen, I ran a million-dollar dental practice in the 90s, okay? So I’m not a stupid woman, right? Like, we did well. I served on a senior leadership team in a nonprofit. I did well, but I didn't have the pieces of paper. And so what I had to do to get those positions was to talk through my story. So I know what I'm talking about. I know because I walked the talk. 

And the other thing is, you made a great point, Deidre. You cannot have one and not the other. You have to have intellect and you have to have intuition and you have to find a way to marry them that is unique to you. And that's also part of the journey that I teach. I know you guys deal with Brand a little bit and we always hear, well, you are your brand, right? I don't know, are you? I'd say you are your brand because you stand behind it. You stand for it, and maybe there's a distinction somewhere along the line. But if you're over here saying I stand for family values and you're making people work on Christmas, heck, you know what I mean? There's got to be a similarity, a kind of convergence of who you are and who the business is.

[20:21] Carmen Reed-Gilkison: Yeah. We always say that there is more than one entity in a business. So let's say it's a solopreneur it's that person is an entity and the business is an entity and the person has stewardship over the business to ensure that it gets its needs met so that you can get your needs met. That's where I think yes, saying that you are your brand and you are your business and all that sort of and kind of ensure on one level. 

But on another level, I think people get caught up in that, and then they're like, then it gets too easy to project emotion into everything you're doing. And then that removes your—I mean, emotion is power, don't get me wrong—but when we lead with emotion and we don't combine the why. That is why Deirdre and I are so passionate about this because it's like you've got to have the data. You have to have, we say, the CEO mindset where you're able to rise above and have an objective look at what's going on and not be like, oh my God, I did that video and it flopped and everyone is going to hate me and I can't ever do it again. I mean, we can't get pulled into our emotions because we'll just go down this big hole.

[21:42] Veronica Drake: I love that.

[21:43] Carmen Reed-Gilkison: So it's like there's got to be a mix of the two. But when you talk about us going into a new age, that's the feminine age. Intuition, emotion, feelings, and relationships. Those are superpowers that we have as women, especially women over a certain age, right? 

[22:00] Veronica Drake: Absolutely, and think about this: feelings, emotions, thoughts, actions, your life, right? And so if the thoughts you're thinking produce your actions, right? It would behoove you, all of you, to sit down and say, here, I have this. What am I thinking about it? What am I feeling about it and what is my emotion around this? And then kind of go into this whole process where I teach you how to really understand how it's the Holy Trinity. I mean, really what it is sacrilegious, I think, but you know what I mean? Figuratively.

[22:44] Carmen Reed-Gilkison: Yeah, definitely.

[22:49] Deirdre Harter: I honestly think this whole discussion and what you're doing, this should be part of business curriculum, honestly. Because we're just now starting to have these kinds of conversations and we're just starting to recognize the value of understanding ourselves. And I don't think—at least in my experience and most of the women I know—this was not talked about. This was not taught anywhere. Unless you happen to go onto a journey to India with a yogi or something, you just never got this information. And I'm so happy that we're now pulling this together and having these kinds of conversations. 

As you said, Veronica, getting that awareness, because that is the key to just knowing that there is something there. And I think it should make us feel better that we're not know. When we get stuck, we blame ourselves. And it's really because there is something we are not aware of or something we don't understand about ourselves. It's not that there's anything wrong with us.

[23:57] Veronica Drake: That's the stuck. That's the roadblock. Absolutely. And if you think about this, I like to have people really connect to their soul, which is the essence of who they are, right? The energy of who they are. 

Just like your fingerprints are unique to you, your soul's frequency is unique to you. And it is programmed, whether you believe it or not or know it or not, to bring to you the experiences that it signed up for. And so this is all about how your vibe in your vibe attracts your tribe. And for a lot of years, my vibe, my tribe, they weren't so good. The last 18 years in business, I've had my ups and downs, for sure. But once I understood who I was, I found her, right? I could find her, my tribe, and effortlessly she came to me.

[24:58] Carmen Reed-Gilkison: Yeah, I love the way you say that, because I am such a believer that we chose the lives that we have before we ever got here. So when you say that your soul is bringing, the whole point is to bring the experiences that it signed up for. I just love that.

[25:17] Veronica Drake: Yeah. I believe we're not just wandering aimlessly around here, right? And I was thinking, I was going somewhere the other day and I put it in my phone, right, the directions. And I was like, remember when we didn't have these? And it wasn't that long ago. Well, it blows my mind that I'm 61. But how did we get where we were going? Well, we needed some sense of direction. We needed—whether it was a Google map or whether it was the old AAA, you unfold it and it's as big as the continent map, whatever it was that I could never read, but we've always had to have that. But I question you. Well, do I have time for a really quick story?

[26:03] Carmen Reed-Gilkison: Yeah.

[26:04] Veronica Drake: I have to tell you this because this, to me, like, I get chills just saying it right now. I have always been terrified of getting lost. My father said you don't venture too far. And he would always have to take the drives before we would go somewhere. So we had it all figured out. So one day, I'm 51, probably one day I was in my late fortys, I believe, maybe 50. And I got in my car and I had a cup of coffee and I was driving, and I had my phone with my directions, and I was just going to take a leisurely drive, right? And so I thought, okay, here's my GPS. But I didn't program anything. I trusted my gut. I just followed my gut. And that was something I never did. 

So I'm driving. I'm driving, going out this road, and I'm like here, go this way and go this way. Okay, now I'm okay because I got my phone. All of a sudden I lose reception. It's dead. There's nothing guiding me. Well, there was. So I hear, okay, breathe, and you know where you're going. So I'm driving all around, and I'm crying. And then I went, okay, stop. You've got to pay attention. I drove, I went, I got lost. I got scared. I worked through the emotions of it. And I went like this. I pulled over at the top of the mountain, and the most incredible, spectacular view was right in front of me. And I pulled over, and I looked off, and sure enough, I don't know how I got there, but I ended up looking down on the community where I was born.

[27:44] Carmen Reed-Gilkison: Wow.

[27:45] Veronica Drake: And it was back in the day. Well, I say back in the day, I used to do photography. So I had my 35-millimeter camera and I took the picture and I heard, this is home. And I thought, okay, this is home. This is home. Because I didn't really know for sure. Took the pictures, got the pictures. And my dad was the one that said to me, well, you were born in that house right there. And I went I found my way home. Yes. It was such an epiphany, and we're always learning to trust ourselves. So no matter how advanced you think you are with your intuition or in anything, it's okay to peel one more layer of that onion.

[28:29] Carmen Reed-Gilkison: Yes. I love that. 

[28:32] Deirdre Harter: Yeah. That is absolutely fantastic. Veronica. So do you have any last thoughts, words for the ladies who are listening today?

[28:42] Carmen Reed-Gilkison: And do the ladies have any questions? I would invite anyone to drop questions.

[28:47] Veronica Drake: Absolutely. I love the phrase, Everywhere you go, there you are. If you want a snapshot of who you are, look at the people around you, the people you surround yourself with, the closest. Look at them. Look at their characteristics. I mean, take a deep, hard look, right? And then if you go to a new place, how do you find new situations? How do you find new people? How do you find it to be? 

Because the truth is, everywhere you go, there you are. You are showing up, and you cannot run away from yourself. And you will always, always attract who you are. So it's best to know your story and to know what story you lead with. And I think I told you ladies the Mayor Betty story, just kind of know what story you lead with and go from there. Yeah.

[29:45] Carmen Reed-Gilkison: Will you tell the Mayor Betty story so people can hear? Because that was great.

[29:48] Veronica Drake: Absolutely. I was speaking at an event years ago, and I came off the stage, and out of the corner of my eye, I could see this woman beelining at me. I mean, I thought she was going to tackle me, right? Literally, like, boom. She's gone down and she sped up and she turned in front of me. She stuck her hand out and said, hi, I'm Mayor Betty, the ex-mayor of so and so. You know, the one that embezzled the money. I took the money, I went to jail, I paid the money back. And I was like, Whoa, Betty. And like, again, no filter. I went whoa. I said whoa, whoa, whoa. That's quite a story! 

Now we're all leading with a story. It's not as blatant as Betty's, probably, but we are all leading with a story. I just urge you, I invite you, what story? What narrative are you leading with? Because it matters. And I got to tell you the end of that story. Her next question out of her mouth was, I'm really looking for my soulmate. Do you have any suggestions? And me being the smart ass I am, I just can't help myself, said, you might want to lead with a different story. You need a new opening line. She's like, what? It never occurred to her that that's the story she was opening with, and that's a blatantly obvious story.

[31:07] Carmen Reed-Gilkison: Yeah, well, and this is how you help your clients, right? So can you explain one more time how you help your clients and then how people can learn more about you and working with you?

[31:18] Veronica Drake: So I really take you deep within. We start with the one-word method. I walk you through. You get your one word. We part ways, you go your way, and inevitably, you circle back around, because now you're ready to find your North Star, which is exactly what it sounds like. 

We're finding your mission, your purpose, your reason for being—the center of why you're here. And I'm going to warn you, I guess warn you is the right word. I'm not woo-woo. I'm a little bit woo, and that's what it says on my website. So you're going to get a lot of practicality, and you're going to get a fair amount of woo, okay? But I'm not the person for you if you like rituals and ceremonies, because I'm not her. I'm hardcore here's practical. Here's A to B to C to D, right? And that's really how I work. But understanding that if you don't know where you're going, you really don't know where you're going to end up, right? You don't know. Because as a business owners, we have a vision, right? We have a goal, or we should have a goal. And so if you see your goal, I teach you how to marry. I actually have a technique for marrying your intellect, with your intuition, that gets you the steps, the literal steps to get to that outcome. That goal.

[32:47] Carmen Reed-Gilkison: It is very powerful. And so I'm going to drop your website here in the chat, underneath the video in the Facebook group, and then I will on LinkedIn as well here, all right? And so when they get to your website, you want them to do one certain thing.

[33:07] Veronica Drake: If you are an established business owner and you're watching this and you have skin in the game, let's put it that way, right? You've done the work, you've put the website up, you've earned some money here and there. I invite you to book a 30-minute intuitive consultation on your business. It's absolutely free. During that time, we will find your one word, we will walk you through that one word, and we will identify your “I” statement. And I just love what I'm doing and I've had great feedback about it. So I'm open to that. Just serving in any way that really meets the needs.

[33:51] Carmen Reed-Gilkison: Awesome. Well, thank you. You can connect with Veronica Drake on her website: https://veronicadrake.com.

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