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Episode 22: Rebranding Journey Series – Part 3 of 3

Veronica Chordas is the designer responsible for our new amazing website. The way she works is so interesting and unique and her results speak for themselves. We're delighted to bring her process to you so you can understand what a brand and website designer should be trying to do before you hire one. It's not about colors and a logo, it's about pulling your personality into your brand in such a way that your ideal client is drawn to you.

Veronica's long and winding road of life as an artist, musician, and seeker has led her back to her truest path as a brand creator. From Music. The Healing Arts. Marketing. Astrology. Graphic Design. Child Therapy. Yoga. Life Coaching. Sales. Performance. Teaching.

Veronica's training in all of these areas has culminated in a fluid way to support her work on behalf of other creatives and healers. Her wayfaring lifestyle enables Veronica to work with clients from all over the world. Traveling from place to place keeps her eyes fresh and heart open. What shows up through this lens of child-like curiosity amazes even her on a daily basis. On the most visual level, it manifests beauty, wisdom and light that only art can bring. In the invisible realms, it serves to uplevel our consciousness and move us forward as a humanity. This is Veronica's passion and the highest purpose of the work she does.

Are you ready for next-level branding? Veronica is sharing step one of her branding process with you. Check it out here: https://wonderlust.love/reflections-of-you-personal-branding/

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