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Episode 12: The Power of Story (To Keep You Stuck)

In this episode, Carmen Reed-Gilkison and Deirdre Harter discuss the immense power of the stories that we tell ourselves. They discuss how the stories we tell ourselves can be for good or for evil, how we create stories that limit us, and how to reframe these stories to become the person that we want to be.

Topics Include:

  • The power of story for humans
  • Creating and believing stories that are limiting us
  • How to reframe stories
  • And other topics...

Quotes of Impact

[03:20 – 03:48] “Stories are transformative. They have the power for them to tap into our emotions, and this can alter our perspective. And when we can alter our perspective on something or have an open mind and see something in a new way, that can lead to a change in our own actions. And if we can change our own actions, that can ultimately lead to a change in our reality.”

[06:26 – 06:38] “When you expect others to forgive you… just because you’ve created a story in your head, and just because that’s how you are, it’s putting the responsibility on others for your bad habits.”

[07:15 – 07:33] “When you’re creating stories that limit you, and when you’re actually following what those stories say and believing them, you are really greatly reducing your ability to move on and past things and reach the success on the level that you want to, in the time that you want to.”

[12:58 – 13:11] “When something seems overwhelming, and you automatically tell yourself it’s too hard, then you’re selling yourself short, and in order to get around that you’re going to reframe the story.”

[17:24 – 17:29] “Just because you haven’t been that person in the past, it doesn’t mean that you can’t become that person now.”

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