The Planning For Profit Master Class

Learn which numbers matteR.

How Would It Feel To Learn How Making Incremental Increases in 6 Key Areas Of Your Business Creates Exponential Revenue & Profit Growth?

We'll help you identify your baseline metrics and show you how to use the 6 cash and profit generators to leverage the power of compounding and growth in YOUR business.

This is an advanced training.

Who is the Planning For Profit Master Class for?


invest 90 Minutes of your time & we'll generate lasting roi for your business.

Live on Zoom: 

June 8, 2023 @ 1 pm Eastern

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cash & profit generator #1

Number of Leads: A common pitfall that entrepreneurs run into is the feast and famine cycle. The truth is that no matter how large your audience is, you've got to keep generating new leads. There are four tried and true lead-generation strategies that we'll share with you.

Cash & profit generator #2

Conversion Rate: You need to learn how to connect with your audience on an emotional level. Sales are made long before the sales call takes place, and the sales call is merely a formality when your content and messaging speak to your audience in a way that makes them think, “It’s like she’s reading my mind!

cash & profit generator #3

Number of Customers: The online space is inundated with "business coaches" selling their expertise in one business area. We’re here to state the obvious - that doesn't cut it! You need to understand the whole picture, not just one piece.. Until you understand how these six cash and profit generators work together, gaining new clients will be unnecessarily difficult.

cash & profit generator #4

Number of Transactions: Retaining and selling to existing customers is easier than attracting new ones. Create raving fans, and they'll stick around. Do you know what your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is? 

cash & profit generator #5

Prices: There are two reasons your current pricing model may not be supporting your long-term goals, and we'll cover both in detail during the Master Class. Most business owners don't realize that just because you have cash in the bank, it doesn’t mean you are profitable.

cash & profit generator #6

Profits: Many entrepreneurs are so focused on generating new revenue that they are actually losing profit and squeezing the life out of their cash flow in the process. We'll show you three ways to avoid making this common mistake.

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Space is limited to 20 participants. This allows us the ability to answer questions and apply the Planning For Profit principles to each participant's business model. First come, first served.

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You’ll have a framework that sets you apart from the crowd that you can use over and over again. 

This method is priceless! 

  • Knowing your numbers and understanding how to use your data to strategically forecast your next steps is empowering. Brush off the feeling of "I don't understand numbers" because we'll show you which to track using an easy-to-follow system.
  • We're showing you how to focus on the six key areas of business to affect real change. This is much easier than trying to make big things happen by focusing on one area, such as sales. 
  • If you’re tired of being pulled every which way by the latest online trends, you’ll be happy to know that this method releases you from the grip of shiny object syndrome!
  • Once implemented, you’ll always have a clear direction of your choosing to follow.

It may seem like magic, but it’s a simple-to-follow system that works when you work it. 


Deirdre Harter & Carmen Reed-Gilkison

The Planning For Profit Master Class

During our time together, we'll be walking you through the process of getting clear on which numbers to measure and what they tell you about the health of your business. Additionally, by making incremental increases in these six cash and profit-generating areas, you'll experience the power of compound growth. 

This is a live 90-minute master class. We'll meet live on Zoom. We highly recommend you attend live to get the most out of the material we cover, but we will provide the replay inside our learning center. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not addressed here, please use our Contact Page to reach out.

Who is this for?

  • The seasoned female entrepreneur consistently earning an average of $4,000 per month or more.
  • The seasoned female entrepreneur whose business is past the need for flavor of the day tactics. She yearns to have a deeper understanding of the business-of-business. She's ready to get confident by knowing her numbers.
  • The seasoned female entrepreneur who wants to work smarter not harder.

What will I learn in this MASTER CLASS, and what result can I expect?

We'll be spending a value-packed 90-minutes together where we'll share with you the six key areas you can focus on making incremental increases in that will allow you to leverage the power of compound growth. Those areas are:

  1. Leads
  2. Conversions
  3. Customers
  4. Transactions
  5. Prices
  6. Profit

How much time will it take?

This 90-minute Master Class immerses you in concepts not discussed out in the online space. We provide you with the Planning For Profit framework and workbook so that you can take what you learn during the class and build your cash and profit generation system.

Is there a cost?

It's FREE! 

Why are you hosting this masterclass for free?

We've been where you are. We've both experienced that “I know I need to do something different, but I don’t know what that is” moment. We struggled to find the answer and tried many methods to figure it out. We've built businesses by trial and error. We know what works well, and what doesn't. We cracked the code and figured out the processes and systems that work.

By going through all of that, and seeing so many other women in our network and circle of friends go through the same thing - we realized that this is a painful, frustrating and often expensive problem. Combining our areas of expertise and experience enabled us to develop a unique solution. A system that's not just a one and done, but one that you can use repeatedly as you evolve.

We want to teach you that system so you can pull it out of your toolbox anytime you need it. We believe in helping as many women as we can to bridge the learning gap that exists around growing your online business. It’s our passion, mission and purpose. 

Who are you, and why should I listen to you?

Carmen Reed-Gilkison, Certified Online Business Manager and Whole Person Certified Coach, and Deirdre Harter, CPA, are Business Strategists and Co-Founders of Encore Empire.

Mission-oriented women over 40 hire Encore Empire to help optimize their foundational business strategy so they can focus on positively impacting the world.

We help established female entrepreneurs increase bottom line profits in their online business consistently and holistically by leveraging their past experience, honoring their values, and empowering them to become financially savvy.

With decades of combined entrepreneurial experience, we understand all aspects of business-building in the online marketplace. By combining our two areas of expertise we’ve created a uniquely holistic approach to launching and growing businesses.

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Deirdre & Carmen