Meet The Speakers

Day 1: March 22, 2021

Carmen Reed-Gilkison, Whole Person Certified Coach & Deirdre Harter, CPA, Co-Owners of Encore Empire

Carmen Reed-Gilkison, and Deirdre Harter, CPA are passionate about empowering you to create your own economy by coaching you through the process of building a profitable, true-to-you online business. Doing this allows you to build a life you love that impacts you, your family and the world in a positive way.

We guide empowered female entrepreneurs every day inside our free Facebook Group, The Empire of Unstoppable Midlife Women Building Profitable Businesses.

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Adrian Allotey, End of Life Doula and Owner of You Are Never Alone Elder Care

I am currently living my best life as a result of responding to a universal calling on my life; service to elders and their loved ones. My life’s mission is to promote the final years as a sacred, beautiful, honorable stage of life. I serve this world as a non-medical, end-of-life doula and elder companion who specializes in physical, emotional and spiritual care.

Through extensive and continuous end-of-life doula training, I am able to provide support, education, and suggestions for comfort to those with a terminal diagnosis. I am equipped with the skills to prepare those who have the diagnosis and their loved ones for their last breath, hold their hand through a peaceful transition and create a new normal for those left behind.

My own self-care regimen, personal growth, and intuition allow me to mindfully hold space and provide comfort for aging people and their families in a non-judgmental, loving manner. I improve the quality of my clients’ lives by being an active listener, understanding them and advocating for their wishes. I recognize and support the notion that social interaction can be their greatest need. I am creative in finding ways to keep my clients engaged.

My motto “my heart to your heart” is evident in the holistic companionship I provide. I have a toolkit of resources to bring maximum comfort; reiki, essential oils, crystals, etc. I am often referred to as an angel, a Godsend, extraordinary, beyond belief and words of the like. Contact me TODAY to see how I can be of assistance to you TOMORROW.

Fabiana Peterson, Brain/Life Coach and Founder of Feel Fabulous By  Fabiana

Fabiana is a native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a Brain/Life Coach, author, motivational speaker and founder of Feel Fabulous By Fabiana.

After earning an MBA, Fabiana relished three decades in Corporate America. Half of her career was spent in the Financial Markets working for Bloomberg in Brazil and New York, and then Morgan Stanley in Minneapolis. Suffering a very hard divorce, Fabiana emerged with a positive attitude and passionate desire to help other women choose the same positive outlook in their own lives during their own major life transitions.

Fabiana inspires and empowers women using her knowledge of Neuroscience (science of the brain) and the science of human emotion to help them find their inner strength and feel fabulous about themselves, realizing that joy and happiness must be found within themselves, and is their own choice to do so! Fabiana is a shot of high positive energy to help start them on their journey and she uses the Science of the Brain to coach her clients on mindset.

Ann Marie Klosko, MBA, PMP and Owner of Elder Transition Consulting

Elder Transition Consulting LLC is owned by Ann Marie Klosko, a Senior Move Manager, who has 30+ years in a corporate background specializing in project and process management and marketing.

Ann Marie's goal is to make the move management process as simple as possible for her elder clients and their families. She prides herself in her relationships and caring of her clients, knowing that downsizing, the move process, and transitioning to another residence can be complicated, emotional, and very stressful.

Ann Marie has three daughters, has been married for 28 years to her husband Gary, and enjoys Pilates and walking for exercise.

Pam Richardson, Wealth Coach and Owner of Money Mastery With Pam

Pam Richardson is a Wealth Coach and financial educator who works with high achieving, motivated individuals who make great money but never seem to know where it all goes. She specializes in helping people who have come into unexpected wealth from their businesses, inheritance, or divorce.

Money has always been a challenge for Pam. Never meeting a credit card that she did not like, it’s no wonder she has found herself in debt ~ over and over again. Realizing she had an unhealthy relationship with money and on the verge of receiving a significant inheritance it was then that she hired her first money coach and became hopelessly fascinated with money and how people behave with it. She works passionately to help men and women break the shackles of the shame of money and step into their financial power.

Kathleen Curtis Wolf, Chief Experience Officer & Owner of The Purpose Partners

Kathleen spent 25 years working for a Fortune 100 company in a variety of different sales, branding, marketing and communications roles. She thought she might have retired from that company until a mentor opened her eyes to what happens to many people in corporate jobs these days - forced early retirements or unplanned layoffs - as you approach your mid 40's.

Because she was given some great advice early enough, Kathleen was able to take control of her career path by fully understanding her strengths, purpose and the value she contributes. As a single Mom of two kids and two dogs, she was nervous but she chose to bet on herself and leave her corporate position to become an entrepreneur that now guides organizations and individuals.

Kathleen is on a mission to help others create their own security by taking control of their own careers. She wants others to be prepared for what’s next, like she was, by gaining confidence, finding clear direction, easily telling others about the value she contributes and creating career momentum.

Meet The Speakers

Day 2: March 23, 2021

Megan Sumrell, Time Management & Productivity Coach

Megan Sumrell is a former corporate techie turned entrepreneur. As a business owner, mom, and wife, she knows exactly how hard it is to juggle #allthethings while still maintaining your own sense of self and purpose. When her daughter was born in 2010, life as she knew it completely changed. After struggling to manage work, motherhood, family, etc, Megan set about a new way to manage her time and organize her calendar. She took her 20+ year career in systems and processes and applied it to one of her favorite things…time management!

As a Time Management and Productivity Coach for women seeking Work+Life Harmony, Megan teaches specific strategies to help women get on top of their time, calendar, and goals while getting rid of stress, overwhelm, and exhaustion.

Her proprietary planning approach is the only "feminine" planning system that works from the "bottom up." It acknowledges that women have a lot on their plates and gives pragmatic, real-world strategies to help women manage #allthethings. Her courses and planner teach exactly how to plan your weeks and days to maximize productivity and efficiency while still allowing for flexibility and downtime.

She is the creator of the TOP Program and TOP Planner, a program and planner that teaches her proprietary system and processes regarding time management, organization, and productivity for female entrepreneurs. 

Deirdre Mahon, GLAM Strategist and Feminine Confidence Coach

Deirdre Mahon is the owner of DeeVa GLAM.

Dee, as her friends call her, and the Dee in the DeeVa, has over 20 + years as a makeup artist, with a background working for Estee Lauder and Lancome, before starting her own Bridal business 15 years ago.

Now a GLAM Strategist, and Feminine Confidence Coach, she is the author of GLAMOROUS, founder of OWN THE ROOM online course, and HIGH VIBE Bombshell Podcast on Apply, Spotify, and Anchor.

Dee has been influenced by her lifelong love of Old Hollywood when Glamour and Femininity reigned supreme.
She helps and inspires women to tap into their inner feminine, teaching them to embrace aging, not fear it.
And that aging gracefully and powerfully is about mindset and lifestyle, not just the products used on your face!

She is passionate about helping a woman find her value beyond that of wife and mother, but as a sensual and sexual woman, and to be unapologetic in owning your feminine power!

Now, in her 60's, overcoming addiction, codependency, people-pleasing, and a widow, Dee understands the challenges that interfere with many women taking control of their own power, health, beauty, and femininity.

Dee believes you can be the 'whole' package in body mind and spirit., and if you aren't having FUN as a woman, you should start!!

Colleen Rosenblum, Co-Host of The Hot Flashes & Cool Topics Podcast

Colleen is a happily married mom with two amazing daughters. She started her professional career as an attorney and then as a stay-at-home mom. She pivoted to become a Pilates Instructor and then at the age of 52, she became a podcaster. Hot Flashes & Cool Topics podcast is a weekly show for women in midlife and beyond where they talk about anything and everything to do with this time of life. Colleen is a lifelong learner, loves to travel and spending time with her family.

Join Colleen's Hot Flashes & Cool Topics Facebook Group.

Christine Panka, ACC-Life Transitions Coach

Hi! I’m Christine Panka, and I am a Life Transitions Coach.

My coaching mission is to redesign the conversation about midlife to normalize living and transitioning through all of life’s stages in a heart-centered and intentional way at every step.

As a parent, you worry about your child’s education, the theme of their birthday party, and THE perfect shade of lavender for their wedding. But, when you contemplate your life transitions, you often think you have plenty of time. The problem? Living and transitioning through the stages of life by chance and not by choice!

After having a front-row seat to my parents’ aging and ultimate passing, I knew that there had to be a better way to live through those transitions for myself.

Living and planning for life and its transitions are what I call the “Legacy Mindset”™ It’s about living fully and transitioning with intention, heart, and soul.

I am passionate about people and believe that YOU are the expert in your life and how you want to show up for yourself and those you love.

As a certified professional coach trained at the University of Wisconsin (UWCPC) and an ACC credentialed coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), my job is to listen, observe and notice patterns in your circumstances that reveal trends or raise issues. As a result, I identify opportunities and offer my observations to kick around as you plot YOUR course for how you want to show up moving forward for yourself and those you love.

On the personal side, I have been married to my husband, Jeff, for 34 yrs and we have three sons and are awaiting our first grandchild! As the reality of Covid set in, we recently bought an RV and took a leap of faith to try-on being a digital business nomad to combine my love of coaching, photography, and travel. I never really know where I will be; but, I am always available to support you and your dreams!

Embrace life or bust!

Denise Wellik-Peterson, Peri/Menopause Specialist

#BecauseMenopauseDoesntHaveToSuck is my motto and the name of my game is Use Your Cycle.

But I have learned many of us did not actually get the education that allows us to use our hormones for seemingly effortless weight loss, luscious libidos, deep sleep, and maximum brainpower.

It is my passion and mission to teach women of all ages how their hormone cycle works and how to use those hormones to live their best life (yes! you still have a hormone cycle after the periods have stopped!)

Women who have worked with me have experienced:
* increased energy
* full night's of deep, restorative sleep
* reclaimed their desire
* lost weight
* ditched the PMS
* tamed their mood swings
* side-stepped impending hysterectomies
* "Feeling human again after years of hormonal imbalance"

It is my belief and experience that with a few lifestyle and nutrition tweaks we can live a life on fire as we were intended.

I am a:

Marita Rahlenbeck, Keeper of The Sacred

Marita Rahlenbeck helps the quietly unhappy woman move to bold confidence! Her expertise lies in hearing beyond your words, asking deep, penetrating questions to move you forward, and bringing a holistic approach to all her work so you stop feeling like your life is a pile of disjointed puzzle pieces.

Meet The Speakers

Day 3: March 24, 2021

Jerica Jech, Midlife Dating & Relationship Coach

Jerica Jech is a dating and relationship coach for midlife women. She found herself suddenly single at 48. Through a process that she now teaches, she was able to heal from her divorce, recover her confidence, learn about men and find love again - she got engaged just 2 years after divorce - yes, through online dating! She helps other women do the same in her signature program, Find the Good Men in Midlife.

Reina Schlager, CPA-PFS

Reina Schlager obtained her BBA Magna cum Laude from Temple University. She is a CPA and Personal Financial Specialist, which is the AICPA Financial Planning designation for CPAs.

Reina has been a consultant and speaker nationally and has been a contributing writer/guest for periodicals, television, radio, and workshops for both the public and CPA peer professionals. She spoke to women business leaders in healthcare (WBL) at their 10th Anniversary Summit in Washington, DC, and the AICPA Women's Global Leadership Summit in New York City.

Reina is currently on a National Joint Task Force for the AICPA and the National Alzheimer's Association and her 10-part podcast for CPAs recognizing early signs of client dementia is currently underway. Reina is a member of SCHLAGER SCHLAGER & LEVIN providing Tax & Wealth management strategies. She is currently working on becoming a member of a Private Company Board of Directors and adding to her Speaker schedule on a variety of topics of interest in the areas of Financial, Insurance, Retirement Planning & Social Security topics of interest in support of Women.

Jo Ann Kobuke, Midlife Coach & Mentor

Jo Ann Kobuke is a certified coach who helps women find happiness and purpose in midlife. An empty nester herself, she knows this is the time when women can struggle with a lack of identity and purpose. Jo Ann's passion is helping women find answers to those "who am I now" and "what is my purpose" questions as they create their new empty nest life. 

Lynne Maureen Hurdle, Conflict Resolution Strategist

I am Lynne Maureen Hurdle (she/her/hers), a communication expert and conflict resolution strategist, diversity, equity and inclusion facilitator, speaker, and leadership coach with over 40 years of experience in blending the connection between communication, conflict, and culture into my unique style of engagement for leaders.

I am the author of the best-seller, Closing Conflict for Leaders: How to Be a Bold Leader and Develop a Kick-Ass, High-Functioning, Happy AF Team.

Prevention, Intervention, and Transformational Conflict Resolution are all at the heart of my work. My expertise is in engaging my clients with creative processes designed to create dialogue and teach skills that can be used in the most difficult leadership situations. The belief that helping people transform their lives begins with transforming your own, led to my well-received TEDxWomen talk entitled, “The Weight of Hate.”

I created The Soul of Conflict Summit, a groundbreaking online forum designed to create deep dialogue around conflict, old wounds, and healing because I know that leaders who willingly and skillfully engage in conflict will be our most successful leaders. I also lead the sold-out group On The Matter of Race, a six-month journey for white people who want to learn about racism and take action.

I am straightforward and use an engaging approach in my interactive workshops, keynotes, and coaching programs. I teach leaders the skills to engage skillfully, confidently, and powerfully in everything from daily conversations to the most difficult conflict situations.

I have contributed articles about Breaking Culture: Conflict and Cultural Breakthroughs for Psychology Today. I have had the privilege to deliver my unique trainings, workshops, and deep coaching to leaders from Harlem to Hong Kong and from the South Bronx to South Africa. I bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and my special Lynnergy to every client.

Jacqueline Nichols, Matchmaker, Intuitive, Love & Life Guide

Matchmaking, dating, love and life guidance expert, Discover Love Matches Founder Jacqueline Nichols provides personal, relationship and love support services. She has more than 20 years of experience supporting women and men to find success in their life, love and relationships.

Through her years as a professional matchmaker she has matched incredible couples, saved countless marriages and officiated many beautiful weddings. Previous to building her professional matchmaking agency she enjoyed the highly coveted status of driving the Pink Cadillac, while leading over 300 people toward achieving their dreams in makeup sales and life goals. Over that time she gained a unique perspective that now truly makes a difference in the work that she provides for her clients.

When her clients seek to raise their worthy-of-love levels and enjoy life with transforming results anything is possible. She has a successful history of inspiring dynamic achievements in others. Jacqueline has an intuitive gift that helps to support and coach people on their personal journey toward finding success in life, love, business, and beyond. 

What started as Jacqueline utilizing her spiritual gift to listen to her angels when people wanted to find true love, has now become a very successful and thriving professional love and matchmaking agency. She began her original Professional Matchmaking Agency in 2010 based in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Over the years she continues to turn her passion into supporting people during all stages of love and dating, into a thriving success with many love stories crediting her for their new found happiness, growth and opportunities.

Dr. Grace Gwitira, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Book-writing & Leadership Coach

Dr. Grace Gwitira is an award-winning writer, author, speaker, trainer, and coach. She has a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership degree. Dr Grace helps women, leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs to get to their next level of success by providing customized training and individualized coaching in areas of leadership, emotional intelligence, and book-writing.

Her current project is helping women to increase impact, influence and income by helping them to become published authors. She is currently offering a free no obligation 30 minute consultation and you can schedule it here: 

Meet The Speakers

Day 4: March 25, 2021

Deni Andonova, Psychologist, Neurographica and К-Power Instructor 

I help business-oriented women, open for holistic approach and self-awareness, to have more clarity what they want in life, have better work-life balance, understand how to manage their energy, and learn useful practical tools for energy balance and creative goal setting so they can enjoy better results, develop a thriving mindset and positive focus, manage their energy, boost their creativity and live their mission, achieving more with lightness, love, and joy.

My name is Deni Andonova. For over 13 years I have been working with people on 4 continents who strive for more joy and happiness and life-work balance, who seek their own path to sustainable physical, emotional, and energy balance. I help them with my know-how, expertise, methods, techniques, and holistic approach to nutrition, lifestyle habits, and mindset. I work with individuals, groups, and corporate clients alike.

I am a certified corporate wellness specialist®, certified K-Power® instructor, organizational and positive psychologist, HR specialist, kinesiologist, Bush flower essences therapist, specialist, and certified Instructor Neurographica® – art therapy and aesthetic coaching, a Ph.D. Candidate in Corporate wellness.
I am the founder of How Thrive – positive habits and thriving mindset app and the founder of Thriving Bulgaria Foundation for mental health and prosperity on all levels, the founder and owner of Holistic Academy by Deni Andonova. A happy and proud mom of 2 amazing little girls - 5 and 2 years old. 

Jocelyn Boothby, Food, Fitness and Stress Coach

I'm a science-loving, nature seeking, movement enthusiast!

As a nutrition coach, personal trainer, yogi and scientist I'm on a mission to share my personal wisdom, experiences and education with women over 40.

I offer nutrition and stress coaching, personal training, and yoga and Yoga Trapeze® instruction to support women at midlife seeking science-backed solutions to stubborn weight gain, sleep struggles and sluggish energy levels.

I'm dedicated to helping women get strong and confident while they reclaim the active lives they crave! Working together, we find approaches to wellness that inspire you to establish a powerful connection with your miraculous body to create LIFE-LONG health, resilience and joy!

Join Jocelyn's Facebook Group Finding Fitness Again ~ A Group for Women Over 40.

Alora Rueth, Photo Management Professional

Alora Rueth is a photo management educator who delivers live thought-provoking and motivating presentations that challenge her client learners to leverage their focus and pay attention to what matters most--the preservation of lifetime memories. Client learners love her practical strategies they can apply immediately. They love to work with Alora because of her being authentic with a great sense of humor mixed in.

Alora is a member of The Photo Managers, formerly known as Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO) and is on her way to becoming a certified photo manager. Her background in communication and corporate education makes her a perfect fit for educating clients about photo management. Client learners who attend her workshops and course sessions because of her implementable strategies get the help they need in managing photo chaos. They learn strategies that help them avoid photo overwhelm, stop feeling stressed out from a photo collection that’s everywhere, take action to prioritize photo management goals and say ‘no’ to ‘someday’ activities that steal time from transforming a photo mess into purposeful long-lasting memories for generations to come today.

Oh, did we mention that Alora lives on a Wisconsin dairy farm? Why does that matter? Well, it means that she’s driven to helping client learners tackle those daunting photo management projects head on with some creativity backed up with resourcefulness. She also considers herself as an unofficial cheese and wine connoisseur when not hanging around with her dogs and cows.

Join Alora's Facebook Group Pics 4ever Organized - Photo Organizing & Memory Keeping Solutions.

Nancy Tilton Hand, JD, Author, NLP Trainer & Coach

Nancy Tilton Hand, JD is an author, NLP trainer, coach, and speaker specializing in helping shy achievers create strong and supportive social and professional networks.

Nancy's expertise is built on over 35 years of experience and cutting-edge training in creativity, communication, contract law, behavior, mediation, dispute resolution, and negotiation.

Nancy is the author of “Beyond Rainmaking” and “The Hands On Plan”
Nancy’s latest project, the podcast “Friends on Hand”, explores the fine art of friendship and what it takes to craft strong, true social connections in a world of digital disconnect.

Nancy is an avid photographer who has been baking sourdough since before it was

Meredith Ximines-Mullings, RN Medicare Coordinator/Consultant

Meredith’s love and devotion for others started in the beautiful island of Jamaica. Meredith  completed her basic nurse training at the University Hospital of the West Indies School of Nursing. She later specialized in Emergency Room and Education. Meredith had the privilege of  practicing nursing in rural Canada and several States in the US. 

Her diverse experiences in nursing, and multicultural background, has fueled her unconventional approaches to redefining traditional nursing roles. 

Her life's purpose is to use her ability to bring joy to others, build relationships and create trust to help families, the elderly and healthcare professionals to live a purpose-filled life.

Meredith’s passion for family, serving others and problem solving serves as her primary drivers as she uses her skills and experience to provide solutions.

Meet The Speakers

Day 5: March 26, 2021

Carolyn J. Woodson, CEO Spiritual Adventures LLC

Carolyn J. Woodson is the CEO and Founder of Spiritual Adventures LLC. Over the past 30 plus years, Carolyn has combined both western and eastern healing studies as well as spiritual development with her own life experience.

Carolyn is well sought after and loved by her clients both in the U.S. and internationally. Carolyn has helped many women just like you go from feeling lost, stressed and blocked ... to feeling happy, joyful and excited about their lives as they identify their Divine gifts.

 Carolyn’s credentials include being a ...
~ Certified Core Energy Coach.
~ A Certified Grief Recovery Specialist.
~ A Certified Ho’oponopono Coach.
~ A Certified Life, Health and Well was Coach.
~ A Energy Leadership Index Master (ELI). The ELI is a one-of-a-kind attitudinal leadership  assessment tool designed for leaders to  measure their overall leadership potential.
~ A Certified Intuitive Reiki Master.
~ A Certified Integrated Energy Therapist Master instructor.
~ A Certified Angel Therapist.
~ And holds over ten certifications in various metaphysical studies.

Carolyn loves working with her clients and playing with the Angels. In her spare time, Carolyn can be found writing, journaling, playing with her two pups Lady & Coco, or curled up reading a good book. Carolyn also love’s Calligraphy, travel, and meditation. Carolyn lives in Santa Barbara California where she lives her companies motto: ‘ Life is a Spiritual Adventure!’ 

Jenny Leigh Hodgins, Creative Memorial Planning Coach

I’ve been through multiple tragedies where there was no plan in place. I set my personal grief aside when others could not function. I’ve been in the position of preparing or facilitating many memorial plans. I've learned what's most essential, pocketbook and planet-friendly, and personally meaningful for surviving loved ones.

It’s my sincere desire to offer what I’ve learned about using alternatives to the traditional funeral customs—so you can avoid or lessen the potential of further suffering and cost.

Due to my experiences, I've learned that having no plan and using traditional funeral customs create an unnecessarily higher expense, damages the planet, and leaves a void of personal meaning.

I’m on a mission to make death talk natural and help people get end-of-life pre-plans done in a more loving, gentler-to-the-planet-and-for-surviving-loved-ones way than old corporate traditional, and heavily religious customs.

As your creative memorial planning coach—I help you save costs, protect nature, comfort surviving loved ones, and leave your loving legacy by mapping out your creative memorial plan.

Join Jenny's Facebook Group Creative Memorial Planning 4 Progressive, Nature-Loving Adults & Caregivers.

Susan Cox, Confidence Creator

Susan Cox is the Confidence Creator and founder of Fiercely50ish. She helps Midlife women be visible and confident with their style.

Fiercely50ish was launched soon after Susan left a toxic work environment where her wisdom and age was not valued. She realized that Midlife women needed her to let them know how relevant, needed and necessary they truly are simply by what they wear. What we wear every day matters and confidence is our best accessory.

It's time for Midlife women to say goodbye to invisibility and hello to confidence!

Susan does one-on-one coaching and group workshops all focused on helping women 45 and older embrace their true style.

She helps women define their body shapes, celebrate their body and how to dress their beautiful silhouette from tops to bottoms, skirts, dresses, cuts, fabrics and more-virtually. She has tips and ideas to bring out the best in women starting with a positive mindset. Susan helps energize closets and creates look books all focused on her individual client's lifestyles and beliefs!

Midlife is the best time of our lives, and it's time to feel and look fabulous! 

Join Susan's Facebook Group Midlife Women Living Fiercely50ish-Fun, Focus and Fashion!

Deb Fels, Intuitive and Intuition Skills Teacher

Deb Fels is an Intuitive. She teaches active meditation and intuition skills and consults privately with individuals, families, and businesses.

Deb is a fierce fan of people’s unique gifts and wisdom; she’s known for insightful understanding and a perspective that invites easy breakthroughs. She holds each session in warm interest, humor, clarity, and respect.

Raised in a family of inventive artists, Deb's training and adventures include entrepreneurship, technology, fiber arts & science, and consciousness. She holds a degree in Environmental & Earth Sciences.

Deb lives in Colorado, and raised a son who still likes her!

Alice Wheaton, Author, Extreme Sales Growth Expert

As one of the most accomplished Top Line Turnaround experts in North America, Alice Wheaton has been helping leaders create highly successful sales forces for over two decades. But that’s not what she set out to be…

Growing up in a small, rural fishing village in Northern Newfoundland gave Alice the resourcefulness and determination that are hallmarks of those driven to succeed. Her composure in crisis situations, a love of challenge, and a strong desire to practically support others led to her first career as an emergency room nurse.

She's gone on to author several books and is going to teach us all about imperfect forgiveness.

Jill Dell, Licensed Hypnotherapist

Jill Dell is a licensed hypnotherapist in Washington State. She has received training in many forms of breakthrough therapy, and is a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistics Programming, Time Empowerment®, Hypnotherapy and is a Access Bars® Facilitator. She has owned and operated her private practice, Designed to Live, since 2013 in the Seattle area. Her passion is to guide others to create positive, transformational change, instilling supportive beliefs and habits that align, serve and empower people to obtain the results they desire in their lives. Jill was recently was showcased as a guest speaker for the Psychic Spectrum.

Jill enjoys spending time with her husband, children and grandchildren and is an enthusiast of the outdoors. When not at the office you can normally find Jill lake kayaking, hiking, swimming, biking in the splendor of Pacific Northwest. Jill is also an amateur triathlete. She participated in the 2019 Victoria Half-Ironman, and completed the Maple Valley Half Distance Triathlon, both races include swimming, biking and running a total of 70.3 miles. Her goal is to complete a full Ironman which she is training towards.

Jill regularly volunteers in the community, serving as Royal Matron of the Order of Amaranth (2019-2021 term year), a service based fraternal organization that endeavors to find a cure for diabetes. She also volunteers as an Admin in her neighborhood Facebook Buy Nothing group of 800+ members .

Design a life you love ~ It’s Your Life, Own it, Design it, Live it!