About Encore Empire

Carmen Reed-Gilkison, Certified OBM & Whole Person Certified Coach, and Deirdre Harter, CPA, are Business Strategists and the Co-Founders of Encore Empire.

Encore Empire is the place where women who believe that entrepreneurship is the most exhilarating and satisfying way to reach financial security and freedom translate their experience into impact and income while making a difference in the world and leaving a legacy.

It’s where these women get the support they need to grow and scale. We bring together our backgrounds in business with the financial savvy of a CPA and the insights of a Certified Online Business Manager & Whole Person Coach to totally transform online businesses and the lives of the women who run them.

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Speaking Topics

~ The Importance of Developing Your Foundational Business Strategy ~

~ How to Connect With Your Audience on an Emotional Level ~

~ The Power of Tracking Metrics ~

~ Systems & Processes to Scale ~

~ Values & Validation in Business ~

~ How to Cultivate a CEO Mindset ~

~ Overcoming Limiting Beliefs ~

I love how you two put this (Encore Empire) together. I think it's ground-breaking. I was almost tongue-tied because the subject is so huge and the need is so great for women.

~ Margo Lovett ~

Instructor, Podcaster, Author and Entrepreneur

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