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Carmen Reed-Gilkison, Whole Person Certified Coach and Business Strategist

Deirdre Harter, Certified Public Accountant and Business Strategist

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I love how you two put this (Encore Empire) together. I think it's ground-breaking. I was almost tongue-tied because the subject is so huge and the need is so great for women.

~ Margo Lovett, Instructor, Podcaster,

Author and Entrepreneur

Speaking Topics

Topics include but are not limited to...

  • Marketing That Converts Prospects Into Clients
  • Foundational Business Strategy
  • The Power of Tracking Metrics
  • Systems & Processes to Scale
  • Values & Validation In Business
  • Mindset
    • Money Mindset
    • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
    • Networking for Introverts
    • Positive Business Mindset

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Carmen Reed-Gilkison, Whole Person Certified Coach, and Deirdre Harter, CPA, are Business Strategists and the Co-Founders of Encore Empire.

Mission-oriented women over 40 hire Encore Empire to help optimize their foundational business strategy so they can focus on positively impacting the world.

We help new and seasoned female entrepreneurs cut through the online noise of too many options, too many tactics, and too many shoulds. Through group coaching and one-on-one laser coaching, we teach you the right steps to take and in what order, so there’s no guesswork. And, we teach you how to measure and track your progress so you can clearly see what’s working and what’s not.

With decades of combined entrepreneurial experience, we understand all aspects of business-building in the online marketplace. By combining our two areas of expertise, we’ve created a uniquely holistic approach to launching and growing sustainably profitable online businesses. 


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