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Episode 5: Interview With Margo Lovett, Author, Podcaster, and So Much More!

In this episode, Carmen Reed-Gilkison and Deirdre Harter interview Margo Lovett, Author, Podcaster, and So Much More!

Margo Lovett successfully reinvented herself from hobbyist to professional podcaster, building the podcast Her Business Her Voice Her Conversation and training center, Podcast Margo shares her belief that when we share our stories we empower one another. Now is the best time to start a podcast, and when you niche down and maintain consistency you're setting yourself up for success, according to Margo - and we agree! Margo is offering one-on-one services to the first two people who take her up on her offer at timestamp: 29:40. Head on over to to connect with Margo and bring your story out into the world.

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