There are three passes for you to choose from:

Free Pass = Free access to each day's presentations for 24-hours.

All-Access Pass = You own all of the presentation replays which allows you to watch at your convenience. 

All-Access VIP Edition Pass = All of the replays PLUS all of the amazing bonuses. Bonuses include workshops, e-books, mini-courses and so much more! When you purchase the VIP Edition, you're also automatically entered into the drawing for an all-inclusive vacation to the destination of your choice - who doesn't want that?! 

Great Value
free pass

No charge to watch presentations within their    24-hour window


  • 24-hour Access to all videos 
  • Unlimited views within 24-hours
Better Value
All-access pass

Reduce anxiety and purchase the All-Access Pass to own the replays for life and watch them at your convenience 


  • Watch at your convenience
  • Don't miss a presentation
  • Access for life