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Episode 14: How Do I Attract My Ideal Client?

In this episode, Carmen Reed-Gilkison and Deirdre Harter discuss three steps you can take to attract your ideal client. They cover how to identify your ideal client, how to speak their language so you can connect on an emotional level, and how you can create a client language bank that will help you develop content that will solve your ideal client’s problems.

Topics Include:

  • Getting clear on your ideal client avatar

  • Identifying who is going to get the best result from your offer

  • Using your client’s language to connect on an emotional level

  • Creating a digital resource bank

  • Solving your ideal client’s problems

  • And other topics...

Quotes of Impact

[01:36 – 01:56] “Growing a successful business or offer is not about what you think will be the most useful, solve the biggest problem, or provide the most needed service. It’s about offering something that serves the actual stated need or desire of the people who identify as your ideal clients.”

[02:09 – 02:19] “In order to grow a successful and profitable business, you must talk to people about it in a way that’s meaningful and emotionally engaging for them.”

[09:06 – 09:21] “When you’re not speaking your client’s language, it’s not going to resonate with them the same way it would if you did. In order to connect on an emotional level, you need to speak in a way that they would speak about the solution your offer provides.”

[18:14 – 18:28] “They start to look to you as being the person who can solve their problem because you’ve already solved a problem by paying attention to what they’re saying and speaking their language and they already feel like you understand them.”

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