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Episode 39: Get Clients to Come to You with These 4 Steps You Can Take Right Now

Are you wondering how to attract your ideal client? It seems that some people have solved this mystery while others struggle for years. The secret is connecting with your audience on an emotional level. To do this, begin by following the four steps:

  1. Get clear on your Ideal Client Avatar (ICA)
  2. Use The Power of Market Research to Get Clients
  3. Use Your Ideal Client’s Language
  4. Get Clients to Come to You by Getting Into Action

1. Get Clear on Your Ideal Client Avatar (ICA)

It’s going to be impossible to get clients to come to you if you don’t know who your ideal client is. To do this you need to determine whose challenge you solve with your skill and expertise. Who needs the solution you provide? Who can you get the best results for?

Answering those questions is step one. Just because you believe you know who needs the solution you provide, that doesn’t mean you’re correct. You might be close, but to know for sure, you’ll need to validate your assumptions by doing some good old-fashioned market research. And, before you lament the old-fashioned aspect of it, market research is what you need to do to make all the fancy funnels, trends, and tactics work too. It’s the one tried-and-true method you can use to get clients to come to you.

2. Use The Power of Market Research to Get Clients

There are two types of market research you can use in your efforts to get clients to come to you, low-touch and high-touch. The goal of performing market research is to identify the who, what, where, when, and why of your ideal client. Every business needs to do market research on a regular basis. If you’re wondering why, check out an article by The Hartford focusing on the basics of market research and how it can help your business. You’ll want to set yourself up for success by creating documents for note-taking. Don’t leave it up to memory! Document everything so that you can go back to your notes at a later date and review your findings without scratching your head wondering what some cryptic message you jotted down means.


Low-Touch Method:

Low-touch research consists of doing some online sleuthing. For this to be effective, you must find out where your ideal clients hang out online. Are they on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or somewhere else? If you’re not sure, make some educated guesses to get started.

Facebook groups and forums are great places to start. Search for groups that contain the keywords that will tell you they are a good fit. If you help moms of twins, you’ll want to search “moms of twins” in the Facebook search bar. To find online forums, head over to your internet browser and search for “forums: moms of twins.” Input the keywords that match your business, and you’re on your way.

Start reading the posts and comment threads. You’re looking for anything that tells you that these people are people you can help. Identify three places where your ideal client is engaging and bookmark the URL or make a list that you can refer to whenever it’s time to do more research.


High-Touch Method:

High-touch research consists of getting into one-on-one conversations with your ideal prospects. There are many ways to connect with ideal prospects. One is to reach out on social media through direct messages. You only do this AFTER you’ve developed some kind of rapport through commenting on or supporting them on their content or posts. You never want to reach out to someone cold and out of the blue and ask to get on a connection call, or you’ll be shut down. You need to build rapport first and have a reason to make the suggestion.

When you’re in a conversation with an ideal prospect, you learn much more than when you’re reading what they write somewhere online. You have the ability to go deeper, ask questions, and gain clarity. This makes the high-touch method the preferred method of validating who your ideal client is.


Organization of market research:

To make the most out of your research efforts, you need to document what you find. You can use a spreadsheet, word document, or pen and paper to collect your valuable data. You’ll want to organize your data as follows:

  • Location: Where did you collect your data? Separate data sets by location, be it a Facebook Group, an online forum, a YouTube channel, or something else. You’ll want to keep everything related to each location grouped together.What is your ideal client’s language? You need to use their exact words in your marketing in order to attract them and grow your business.
  • Prospect Demographics and Psychographics: You’ll want to identify who your ideal prospects are (i.e., moms of twins who are struggling with getting them both on the same schedule). We cover demographics and psychographics in our “Why You Need a Marketing Message Strategy to Grow Your Business” post. Are there any other attributes you’re discovering through your research? The clearer the picture you have of your ideal prospect, the better.
  • Topics: What topics do you find that correlate with the services you provide? This helps you identify the right people and places, as well as gives you inspiration for your content marketing.
  • Comments: Note any and all comments that your ideal prospects make. The exact words that your ideal prospects and ideal clients use are pure marketing gold. You don’t want to summarize here; you want to use their exact words and phrases.

The Marketing Methodology Workshop

A Simple and Easy FRAMEWORK

How would it feel to ditch the marketing overwhelm so you can spend your precious time growing your business?

Build out your custom marketing framework and create a simple-to-follow system to achieve your business goals in three easy steps.

3. Use Your Ideal Client’s Language

Reading this post is one thing; putting the recommendations into action is another, and it’s what you need to do if you want to attract your ideal client. To do this, you’ll want to create an ideal client language bank and tie your ideal client language into your topic categories.

4. Get Clients to Come to You by Getting Into Action

Everyone is busy, and that makes getting the attention of your ideal prospects difficult. The one surefire way to do that is to use their language in your marketing. One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is stating what they do. Nobody cares what you do. They care about what you can do for THEM. It has to matter to them, and for it to matter, you need to speak their language. 

Buying decisions are made at the emotional level. Even if someone is a researcher using a spreadsheet to track, contrast, and compare their options before making a purchase, the final decision will be an emotional one. Because of this, we need to connect with our ideal prospects and clients on an emotional level. 

Have you ever read something or heard someone say something that made you think, “It’s like they’re reading my mind!”? That happens when the person or company connects with you on an emotional level. You should always be striving to connect with your ideal prospects and clients on an emotional level. That’s how you attract your ideal clients naturally.


Why Every Business Owner Needs an Ideal Client Language Bank:

Without your ideal client language, your marketing will fall flat. You won’t be able to stop the scroll or get the attention of your ideal prospects and clients. This is the most critical piece of making your business successful. 

Have you ever come up with a great idea for a new offer? An idea that got you so excited you couldn’t wait to start creating it? You just knew that your prospects and clients would be clamoring for it once you released it out into the world!

Did you create the offer only to launch it to crickets? Did you wonder why nobody was even a slight bit interested in it, let alone buying it? This is all too common, and it happens when we follow what we think our ideal prospects and clients need instead of validating what they need. The only way to validate is to do your market research!

When organizing the data you collect through your research, we recommend having a Comments section, and this is the start of your ideal client language bank. There’s more to it than that, and in our Money Messaging Master Class, we walk you through the process that will ensure your content is hitting the mark with your ideal prospects and clients. 


Tying Ideal Client Language Into Your Topic Categories:

Collecting your ideal client language isn’t enough. You’ve got to use it in your marketing. We recommend that you list out your topic categories and all of the comments you collected during your research that fall under them. As you create your marketing content, weave the exact words and phrases you collected during your market research into your content. This is how you create the wow factor where someone thinks, “It’s like she’s reading my mind!”

Following These Steps is How to Get Clients to Come to You

It’s not rocket science. Nor is it a mystery. Getting clients to come to you is done through intentional action taken on a regular basis. That doesn’t sound as exciting as some of the wild claims you’ll see promoted on the internet. What we want you to decide for yourself is what’s more exciting, getting pulled into the latest trend only to spend valuable time, effort, and money with dismal results or doing the tried and true work that helps you actually attract your ideal client? 

We help our clients build out their custom strategy for making strategic connections. To get to know us and how we work, you’re invited to join us for our next Marketing Methodology Workshop. It’s free, and you’ll walk away with your marketing plan for the next twelve months. We always make the claim that our workshop will be more valuable than the course you paid for. That’s a big claim, and we’re delighted to report that we achieve that lofty goal. Here’s what a past attendee had to say:

This (Marketing Methodology) workshop is amazing. I was intrigued by the claim that it would be better than the last paid program I took, and it is indeed true. I had no idea what to expect as it was my first encounter with an Encore Empire workshop, but I am glad I found it. The time spent was a good investment, especially because of it being so interactive and also compelling for me to put in the work and had all my questions answered.

Testimonial by Gabriela T.

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