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Episode 13: Entrepreneurial Success Factors & Expectations

In this episode, Carmen Reed-Gilkison and Deirdre Harter discuss the common frustration entrepreneurs have when they are putting in the time and effort, but aren’t seeing the success in their businesses that they want to see. They discuss the dangers of comparisonitis, the importance of setting realistic expectations, and why taking calculated risks is essential.

Topics Include:

  • Comparisonitis

  • Earning the right to time freedom

  • Setting reasonable expectations

  • Trial and error in entrepreneurship

  • Investing to grow your business

  • Taking calculated risks

  • And other topics...

Quotes of Impact

[02:36 – 02:53] “We get into comparisonitis. When we start doing that, we are almost always comparing apples to oranges because we have no idea what someone else’s journey has been. We only see where they are right now or what they chose to share.”

[03:26 – 03:34] “We all come into entrepreneurship with different skillsets, different assets, different experiences.”

[08:14 – 08:24] “In order to get that time freedom, you have to put the work in ahead of time. You have to earn the right to have that freedom because it doesn’t just happen immediately.”

[09:16 – 09:26] “You can’t create or craft the life that you want from day one, you have to put in those hours to understand. It takes mastery.”

[13:10 – 13:29] “You’re not a failure if you have to take on a gig or even go back to work for a while. It’s absolutely not. Think of it as another income stream. And while you’re in your job, pay attention to how that business runs. You can get a great education on business as an employee if you’re looking for that.”

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