How Would Your Life Change If You Knew How To Sustainably Increase Your Profit Margins Without Increasing The Time You Spend Working?

There are very few programs out there designed for the female, over forty, entrepreneur. There are fewer still that include one-on-one guidance, support and accountability to help you develop your profitable business strategy that is simple and scalable…

Until Now!

Your business is doing okay, but you haven't been able to crack the code on how to increase your profit margin without having to increase your workload.

You Know You Can't Keep Blindly Trying To Put The Pieces Together Without Guidance.

The confusion, and frustration you’re living with are palpable. You aren’t dumb, so why can’t you figure this out??

Whether you are:

  • Struggling with information overload;
  • Working hard but not seeing much increase in sales;
  • Unsure how much profit you're earning each month;
  • Feel like you're on the verge of a breakthrough but just can't seem to get there;
  • A combination of the above?

You’re not alone! We’ve helped many business owners just like you successfully overcome the same struggles. 

What you’re experiencing is not your fault! You’ve been in business long enough to know what's working, but somehow doing more doesn't help - it just increases your workload.

And, let’s face it, when you reach a certain age, you’re not willing to compromise on your dreams and you shouldn't have to.

You’ve been searching and taking action which is the reason you've come so close to breaking through - you just need to learn which steps to take and in what order.

Not understanding how to optimize your business leads to overwhelm. It’s impossible not to be frustrated when you have a vision of what you want your life and business to be, but you can't seem to achieve it no matter how many different ways you try.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way any longer. You don’t have to compromise! You have entrepreneurial superpowers or you wouldn't have made it this far.

It's time to learn how the power of a profit-building strategy, applied to your business, will allow you to increase profits without losing anymore valuable time.

We Understand Because Our Lives Mirror Yours

At this stage of life you’ve got a lot going on. Your kids may be in college or you may be caring for aging parents, and you’re concerned about how you will do it all and pay for it all without working yourself to death

What if you could learn how to take back control of your business' earning potential?

You know that you need to do this now or risk leaving money on the table for years to come, and that's not an option.

It’s time to make sure you're able to set yourself up for living the life you imagine for your future instead of just "getting by."

You could keep trying to figure it out on your own, chasing every shiny new object, and wasting precious time, or you can get the help you need from objective outside business experts to finally make this happen.

We’ve been where you are, and we’re ready to guide you through the journey of business growth to get you where you want to be. Our collaborative coaching model enables you to call the shots, with our guidance, to finally experience your profit breakthrough.

Empire Builder is the program that guarantees it will pay for itself and put more money in your pocket

Let’s be clear: This is not a course!

The difference between a course and our program is that we walk you through every step of the way from beginning to end. This is not something you can purchase and work on alone; it's a guided experience and requires constant collaboration. If you're not down with that, this isn't the program for you.

You will not be left to fend for yourself while wading through countless hours of lessons and videos while being expected to watch them, download them, and do the work on your own.

We’ve been there and done that, and it’s terrible for efficiency and for implementing new concepts.

We provide high-touch accessibility because your business is different from the next business. We teach best practices and business basics that stand the test of time, while also helping you solve your unique challenges and applying those best practices through the filter of what matters most to you.

When was the last time you were able to direct-message the advisor in a course or program with a question at any time? 

For us, the answer is a resounding, “NEVER!” We’ve paid for literally hundreds of high-ticket training and courses, and NOBODY offers that level of support.

We do.

Introducing The Empire Builder Program

The program that pays for itself - GUARANTEED!

Time Investment: 12 months | Dollar Investment: $1,500 per month

The Empire Builder Program is a business growth incubator for  women over forty who have launched their business and are experiencing business-growth stall-out, or wanting to take their business in a new direction but don't know how.

You’re ready to get off the merry-go-round and learn how to troubleshoot your business and create sustainable profits for years to come without confusion and overwhelm.

Our pre-enrollment consultation is designed to ensure this program is the right fit for you.

Our Approach

We do things differently. We're not afraid to go against the grain. Women relate and interact differently at this age than their younger counter parts, and especially differently than men. Collaboration and creating win/win relationships is our super power.

We teach an inside-out approach. This means that we honor your inner wisdom and allow your powerful insights to help determine your path.

In this program we help you get off the roller-coaster revenue cycle, cut through the noise of all that people say you "should" be doing, and teach you how to know what steps to take and in what order.

We help you develop your profitable business strategy that is simple and scalable.


You need a clear path that helps you understand how to troubleshoot your business before you spend a lot of time and money on something that “might” work. No more guessing!


You need real-time access to experts who can teach you the foundational pillars needed to incorporate profitable, sustainable growth into your business model in a way that aligns with your values.

Personalized Guidance

We guide you as you grow - providing tailored, personalized advice and answers to all your questions so you never stay stuck. What sets this program apart is the personalization. While we teach business best practices, we also work with you on forecasting your earning potential based on your business, not a generic business model. 

High-Touch Accountability

You need 360° support and accountability - where you can talk to a human when you need guidance, motivation, support, and direction. We’re different from every other program out there because the foundation of our method is high-touch accountability to get you the results you need as soon as possible. Weekly coaching sessions will keep you moving forward quickly.

If you have questions at any time, please email us at

What You Get Inside The Empire Builder Program

  • Weekly 30-Minute One-On-One Strategic Advisory Calls - Topic-focused discussions that give you targeted feedback and next steps that keep you moving forward.
  • Foundational Lessons Inside The VIP Portal - You'll learn next-level business strategies that then are applied to your specific business during the one-on-one calls. Nothing about Empire Builder is cookie-cutter.
  • Unlimited Support During Your 12-Month Enrollment - This is where the rubber meets the road! You'll never be left on your own with questions between calls or lessons. You can reach us as you need to during the life of the program.

Unlike courses you may have taken in the past, we build in the flexibility to adapt to your specific circumstances. This allows you to gain the most of what you need when you need it.

The Framework

Here’s how we guide you from guessing to knowing what your unique profit profile is before you begin spending time and money “setting up” your business.

Business Growth Plan

In this segment, we analyze your business model with a fine-toothed comb to identify where you may be losing money and what your unique profit profile is. This ensures you understand the nuts and bolts of your business and you're able to move forward in a manner that will yield the highest profit and personal satisfaction.

In this module you will:

✓ Learn to audit your business which will identify issues to be resolved and opportunities to immediately improve cash-flow.

✓You will establish your future revenue and impact goals.

✓ You will build your business toolbox to ensure sustainable growth that you can use both now and for the life of your business.

Level-Up Your Mindset

You may have heard of the entrepreneurial mindset, and as a business-owner that's what you have. To create sustainable growth in your business we're going to show you the power of leveling-up from an entrepreneurial to a growth mindset. You'll learn how to evaluate the actions you take by the growth and profit potential they have.

In this module you will:

✓ Develop your ultimate vision (long-term and short-term).

✓ Learn how to cultivate a no-limits success mindset.

✓ Start to think and make decisions, not as an entrepreneur, but as a leader.

Scalable Sales & Marketing

There are hundreds of tactics and strategies centered around sales and marketing. You need a strategy that is simple yet scalable. We work with you to determine which strategies align with your values, your goals and your unique strengths. Then, we help you learn, implement, validate and create a system around those that are bringing the results you want without any of the overwhelm.

In this module you will:

✓ Learn which marketing strategy changes will yield the most growth.

✓ Learn how to identify your unique marketing superpower. 

✓ Learn alternative marketing that you can implement any time you want to increase your revenue.

Next-Level Systems & Setup

You can't grow without the right foundational framework. Systems, processes, and standard operating procedures may sound boring but having the right ones in place makes the difference between low-level and high-level revenue and impact.

In this module you will:

✓ Establish next-level standard operating procedures. This is not a quick and easy process, but the time you spend on the front end allows you to reap exponential rewards on the back end.

✓ Implement your next-level standard operating procedures. Establishing the success framework will do you no good until you implement.

✓ Create your cash-flow strategy. It's important to reinvest in your business to ensure growth, but not at the expense of cash-flow. You'll learn how to correctly allocate cash to ensure optimal cash reserves and business growth and paying yourself on a regular basis.


There are a million things you could be doing in your business. We help you implement the 80/20 rule- 20% of your efforts provide 80% of your results. You will learn the secret to creating effective systems to organize your work, your schedule and your life.

In this module you will:

✓ Learn how to create more revenue while fulfilling commitments and taking care of yourself and loved ones. No more losing time to your work.

✓ Look at "time management" in a whole new way. Managing energy, rather than time, helps you get the results you want without working 'against the clock'.

✓ Learn how to establish teams in a way that supports your efforts and doesn't require micro-managing.

No-Limits Long-Term Growth

In this session, you will learn how to count on the solid foundation you have built over the past five months. You will learn how to systematize your operations by using proven methods, and how to take your business to the next level without creating additional work.

In this module you will:

✓ Learn about the best legal entity structure and tax planning for your long-term business growth.

✓ Explore how big and how fast you want to grow and what each level of growth requires (employees versus contractors, benefits, etc.)

✓ Learn how to think like a CEO. Most women are used to doing it all, but most CEOs wouldn't consider doing that. We'll walk you through the reason behind the CEO mindset that enables you to work on your business not in it - there's a difference!

About Your Guides

Deirdre Harter is a licensed CPA with over twenty years of experience working with businesses of all sizes. Her talent at optimizing business finances and her experience as an auditor means she knows how to identify and develop a profitable business model.

Carmen Reed-Gilkison is a Certified Whole Person Coach with over twenty years of marketing experience in a high-pressure, competitive corporate environment. Throughout her career, Carmen could be counted on to lead and train her team to winning contracts in excess of tens of millions of dollars.

Since then, both Deirdre and Carmen have started several successful online businesses, and their mission is to help you do the same so you can realize life-freedom and purpose.

Here’s what people are saying about working with Deirdre and Carmen

Eunice Busby, eCommerce and Real Estate Entrepreneur

Caroline Ravelo, Leadership

and Change Management 


For anyone thinking about working with Carmen and Deirdre, I just want to say, GO!

"From the moment you start thinking about different ideas, learning how to validate them, create your offer and
monetize what you really want for your business, you will feel elevated on a whole new scale.

Working with both Carmen and Deirdre unique in that:

  1. You get both of their insights, experiences and ideas to help you grow and expand your mind to new possibilities,
  2. You receive personal attention to work through any blocks, ideas, and expanding more than you may even consider all within a group setting. This is priceless!

For me, the workshops and programs have helped me get clear about what I want for my business and even clearer about myself... what I excel at, what I love to do, who I enjoy working with, etc. Given all that, we are provided with
so much to get out there, network and meet with others and see our self and our business grow.

I believe business is a creative process that you will enjoy. If you love to help people, if you love being valued for what you have to offer, then work with Carmen and Deirdre to help you hone in on your unique offer that only you can share with the world."

Leigh-Ann Hooks, Home-School Educator

Decades of Experience = Guaranteed Results

Carmen and Deirdre have decades of experience and proven results helping business owners achieve what they had only dreamed of before working with us. We know every business and business owner is different. If you're looking to... 

  • Increase profits while carving out more family-time we can guide you through that process.
  • Double your annual revenue we can guide you through that process.
  • Learn how to work smarter not harder we can guide you through setting up the systems that are most efficient for your business.
  • If you want to bring on a team but you're not sure how, we can guide you through that process.

You'll be able to adjust the profit flow at any time and with confidence once you learn how to set yourself up for success.

Say good-bye to the days of wishing, hoping, and guessing!

We can't wait to see you on the inside.

On a personal note

You've got what it takes to succeed or you wouldn't be reading this right now. You're a savvy entrepreneur and although you've encountered some stumbling blocks to business growth, you'll flourish with the right guidance. Once you join the program we become your silent business partners guiding you every step of the way. There's nothing out there like this, and we can't wait to walk your journey with you.

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