Are You Leveraging Your Experience To Create Wealth?

Experience   Elevates    Everything

You’ve got dreams waiting to spring to life, but distractions and life’s interruptions always seem to take center stage.

You have so much to share, and you want to give back in a way that creates purpose in your life, but you just don’t know how to make it happen.

That’s where we come in.

Encore Empire Helps Women Cash-In On Life Experience So They Can Create Their Empire

We've Walked This Path

Both of us, Carmen and Deirdre, began our respective journeys with talent, experience, perspective, and a dream. Of course, we wouldn’t have been able to define any of that at the time; in fact, each of us had plenty of fear and uncertainty to overcome. 

It’s common to believe that you don’t have anything special to offer when your dreams are new. The voices in your head are all too good at keeping you down, convincing you that you don’t know what you’re doing or even that you don’t have the right to try to help others.

Who are you? The voice asks brashly.

That voice is fear, and fear is intense until you learn how to put it in its place.

At Encore Empire, we believe that every woman is unique and possesses their talents, experience, and perspective that creates their superpower. It doesn’t make sense to force the extraordinary individual that you are into a business model designed for the masses. We tap into what’s unique about you and help you achieve the results you want that have eluded you to this point. 

The Path to Entrepreneurship Is Rarely Straight-Forward

There are many opportunities for making money online. When you’re first introduced to the potential the internet offers, it’s easy to gravitate towards using someone else’s business model (hello multi-level marketing). 

You learn about an excellent opportunity to make money by selling a product you love, and you jump on board. You meet all sorts of successful people, and their energy is contagious! Most MLM models require a large financial investment in the form of products or set-up fees. You realize that you must be willing to invest in yourself to be successful, so you swallow the uncertainty dive in.

After the initial rush of excitement fades, you realize that you need to learn how to market your new business if you’re going to make sales, but the things the company is telling you to do makes you feel super uncomfortable. 

It doesn’t have to be that way! You don’t have to hound your friends and family or cold-call strangers to build your business.

We’ve both been down that road, and we’ve both tried many different business models before realizing the undeniable truth that success comes easily only when we tap into our talent, experience, and perspective.

There are many reputable multi-level marketing companies out there, to be fair, and you definitely can be successful by joining the right one. Still, before you choose your business model, you need to know what your superpower is. Otherwise, you’re playing the game blindfolded. 

Our Mistakes And Experience Equal A Fast-Track To Your Success

We teach you how to tap into your talent, experience, and perspective. The hard truth is that the longer you’ve waited to begin your journey, the less time you have! You’ll gain a competitive edge and time advantage by learning from our mistakes and experience. 

You could choose to go to the school of hard knocks as we did, or you can hire us to guide you through the business start-up minefield and catapult yourself toward success. 

Know this, wherever you’ve been, we can show you how to identify what sets you apart and how to use your unique journey to solve a problem that people will pay for.

Wherever your path takes you, you’re adding to your arsenal of talent, experience, and perspective. The insights you will gain from this journey are invaluable to living your life with purpose.

“Every piece of the puzzle that doesn’t fit gets you closer to the answer.”

~ Cynthia Lewis

The Feeling Of Being In Tune With Your Power Is Exhilarating

You are an expert by the sheer virtue of your life experience. Your perspective is what sets you apart. When looking at any business model and its respective market, a critical success indicator is the level of competition that exists. 

To the new entrepreneur, it seems like a saturated market means it will be difficult to break into. The seasoned entrepreneur understands that is not how it works. It’s what sets you apart - your superpower - that draws the right people to you. 

Once you realize this, confusion falls away. It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing when you are in tune with your power. You begin to be fueled by pure internal energy, and momentum builds exponentially. Ideas flow, and your ability to align with the needs of your target market sharpens. There’s nothing like feeling the exhilaration of entrepreneurship done right!

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