Kathleen spent 25 years working for a Fortune 100
company in a variety of different sales, branding, marketing
and communications roles. She thought she might have
retired from that company until a mentor opened her eyes
to what happens to many people in corporate jobs these
days - forced early retirements or unplanned layoffs - as you
approach your mid 40's.

Because she was given some great advice early enough, Kathleen was able to take control of her career path by fully understanding her strengths, purpose and the value she contributes. As a single Mom of two kids and two dogs, she was nervous but she chose to bet on herself and leave her corporate position to become an entrepreneur that now guides organizations and individuals.

Kathleen is on a mission to help others create their own
security by taking control of their own careers. She wants
others to be prepared for what’s next, like she was, by
gaining confidence, finding clear direction, easily telling
others about the value she contributes and creating career

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