#BecauseMenopauseDoesntHaveToSuck is my motto
and the name of my game is Use Your Cycle.

But I have learned many of us did not actually get the education that allows us to use our hormones for seemingly effortless weight loss, luscious libidos, deep sleep and maximum brain power.

It is my passion and mission to teach women of all ages how their hormone cycle works and how to use those hormones to live your best life (yes! you still have a hormone cycle after the periods have stopped!)

Women who have worked with me have experienced:
* increased energy
* full night's of deep, restorative sleep
* reclaimed their desire
* lost weight
* ditched the PMS
* tamed their mood swings
* side stepped impending hysterectomies
* "Feeling human again after years of hormonal imbalance"

It is my belief and experience that with a few lifestyle and nutrition tweaks we can live a life on fire as we were intended.

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